Overview of electric Tesla Model S or a new era in the automotive industry

2013 Tesla Model S

Price Range: $59,900 - $94,900 | MPG: 88 city/96 hwy

Overview of electric Tesla Model S or a new era in the automotive industry

The 2013 Tesla Model S, our 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year, takes the electrified route less traveled to vehicle propulsion. Motivation for the Model S comes from an electric motor powered by juice from a lithium-ion battery pack, routed through a single speed transmission. Two electric motors with different power levels are available as well as two battery sizes with different ranges. The base electric motor produces 362 hp at 6000 rpm and 325 lb-ft of torque at 0 rpm, while the more powerful motor produces 416 hp at 5000 rpm and 443 lb-ft at 0 rpm. The 65 kW-hr battery earns an EPA rated 94/97 mpge city/highway and an estimated range of 208 miles, while the 85 kW-hr battery is rated 88/90 mpge and with an estimated range of 265 miles.
In our first Models S range verification, a Model S with the 85 kW-hr battery traveled 234 miles on a single charge with an indicated 4 miles of range remaining before we had to power it up again. Our route traveled from Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, south to San Diego and then north toward Motor Trend headquarters in El Segundo. Then we took the Model S to and from Las Vegas for our second extended-range run, also with the 85 kW-hr battery pack. The Model S traveled 212 miles from Fontana to Las Vegas (with 74 miles remaining) on "60.6 kilowatt-hours of energy -- the equivalent of 1.8 gallons of gas -- for an average of 118 mpg-e." On the return trip, our tester traveled from Las Vegas to Motor Trend headquarters in El Segundo -- exactly 285 miles -- with just "3 miles unused and consumed 78.0 kWhrs or the equivalent of 2.31 gallons of gas. That's an mpg-e of 123.4."
The Models S also impressed at the track with the 325-hp model accelerating to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds and the 416-hp model making the sprint in 4.0 seconds. In the handling department, the Model S is on par with the best midsize sedans from Audi (S6), BMW (5 Series), and Mercedes-Benz (E-Class).
Although there were technically a few 2012 models, the 2013 Tesla Model S is all-new for 2013 and for now is the EV maker's only vehicle in production. Most of the Model S system controls are operated through the giant center mounted touch screen including vehicle parameters, navigation, air conditioning, ride height, and internet access.

New for 2013

The 2013 Tesla Model S is an all-new electric vehicle with performance, size, and luxury of similarly priced midsize luxury sedans. The Model S is the first winner of the Motor Trend Car of the Year award motivated solely by a motor and not an internal combustion engine.

You'll Like

  • Fast and cheap to run

  • Longest range of an EV

  • Conservative design

You Won't Like

  • Still out of reach of most, for now

  • Charging stations still being expanded

  • Conservative design

Key Competitors

  • BMW 550i/M5

  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class/E63 AMG

  • Porsche Panamera

  • Audi A6/S6

Tesla Model S vs BMW M5 Drag Race

Cold resistance Tesla Model-S

Although the capacity of the battery is really essentially lost when the temperature dropsambient air vehicle remains fully suitable for use . Heated windshield and rear window , coupled with heated front seats shows Calculate your manual cars in frosty regions of our planet . looking atdistribution of sales machines between countries, we see that half is for the Scandinavian countries , the northern states of the USA and Canada.

Due to ultra-low center of gravity , a uniform distribution of weight on the car ( 48/52 axes ) and a set of systems Stability Model S behaves very well on snow and ice.

Charging and environmental Tesla Model-S

Electric charge can be from almost any wall outlet for a comfortable butuse is recommended to install the express charge . Model C with the long battery fully charged in about four and a half hours from the usual network and 20 minutes ( !) From the special charge Tesla's new generation (read my post about proprietary system of charging electric Tesla and their vast network of FREE Charger stations). So for half the night your car will have a " fulltank "and it cost youwill be less 300Rub ( kWh costs in Novosibirsk at the time of writing ) . Warranty on the battery for 8 years with unlimited mileage .

In developed countries, the usual gas stations are already superzaryadniki for electric vehicles. Given the ease and speed of installation of such stations to create a huge network of chargers based on existing gas stations will not make such a big deal, so the era of electric cars may come very suddenly.

Those who live on the first floors of homes and forced to spend days sniffing fumes from neighboring machines are very be happy transition to electric vehicles. Those who work in the garage in winter and smelling fumes afraid to open the gate in the cold will also be glad tocar without emissions. Those who have a vegetable garden next to the road too prefer to eat apples without lead , bromine and chlorine . We all stand to benefit from the transition to electric vehicles .